Designing a Website like a Gamer

Web design takes a lot of its inspiration through many forms of designs implemented in other types of media and various platforms to see theses media. There would be many designs that would be a point of discussion that would introduce its relation to Web Design Malaysia environment but the one that will be touched on will be Game Design, which arguably began its most creative periods just before the internet was invented and commercialized. Today many of the today games are slowly taking more convenient and inexpensive forms of design as technology for even the most simplest devices is enough to play any games, evidenced by the rise of mobile gaming and games played on a browser. For this article, game design tropes that often present from the large triple a games down to the most independent game development and how they would be effective when applied to the use of designing a website to make the user experience more interesting.

One of the most often used design is creating a small little game that allows the user to play and keep their attention to the game while waiting for the more larger elements of the game to load. This often seen through the use of  mini games which help keep the interest of the player so that won’t have an incentive to walk away from the game or turn it off entirely. This design is just as effective when applied to a website as it puts of a user from clicking away from the website and keep the user entertained as the website begins to load. Another form of design in gaming is the use of interactive elements on parts of the game that aren’t made exclusive for the gaming sections. Examples like the 2011 game ‘The Elder Scrolls: Sky rim’ have this during their loading screen in which players are given a 3rd model of an object or character that allows them to turn the model around to see it at every angle that allows user to have something to play with just like the mini game. Website should have these interactive elements as it makes the site more enjoyable to play with.

To conclude, web design can learn a lot from game design as the elements applied on creating the best game played by millions of people can be applied to website to attract traffic and gain clients or buyers.